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Yes, I am very impressed with the customer service at this site. I got this love doll and had some issues with the removable vagina and they were very quick to replace (without charge) and made sure that I was a happy customer. They have treated me with respect and have always been very quick to respond to any questions I had. The doll is incredible except the little issue mentioned above. I highly recommend shopping from this company. Thanks guys!

CherryPieSexDoll: Site Review

Yes, this site is great. Doll is adorable! The process of purchasing my doll from this seller was phenomenal! The support emails, the tips, and the forum made me feel very positive about my commitment. Step by step they kept me informed, and let me make quick past minute change to the wig I picked. The doll is very lovable, she arrived safe and sound! With excellent material and design, the doll works well and it’s very realistic. Thank you very much.

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Yes, it is a legit sex doll vendor. Delivered on time. Item as expected. Great customer service. I got my doll a month ago and she is amazing!!! I’ve gone from a place of suicidal depression to actually smiling even when I’m out just running errands, many people believe men have one simple “need” but that’s just not true! And honestly, I’ve barely indulged in that “need” I feel so much satisfaction out of simply cuddling, squeezing, and waking up next to her.